Factions Release!

Narcotic Owner posted Sep 10, 17


We've recently reinovated and reimagined CookieMC to be a factions server after somewhat popular request. We hope we have met each and everyone's expectation and we will be updating the server even more as you read this, so we hope you stick around to see our development!

  • Factions core released.
  • Rustic crates released.
  • Mythic crates released.
  • Able to buy Rustic crate keys in store.
  • Able to buy Mythic crate keys in store.
  • Able to /vote for Rustic crate keys.
  • Renovated premium donator packages.
  • Small updates to individual packages and items to better fit Factions.
  • Updated store image icons.
  • Updated package kits.
  • Added combat log PVPing
  • Updated MCMMO.
  • Added custom GUI /shop feature.
  • Added a better economy.
  • Removed block-for-block trading.
  • Added random TP plugin /rtp